These Two Toddlers Sing An Easter Song… But Watch The One On The Left. Too Cute!


When these two adorable toddlers stood up to sing an Easter song, no one was expecting to witness one of the cutest occurrences of all time.

The two boys sing the popular 1874 hymn by Robert Lowry, titled “Low in the Grave He Lay.” The boy on the left has some trouble remembering the opening lines, but with a little help from his Mom he gets started.

It’s clear that singing the song took a lot of energy out of the young boy — just wait till you see what he does at the 1:50 mark! There’s just something about toddlers, when they decide to do something, they’re going to do it! Like this incredibly cute little boy who was caught on camera riding a Roomba! As much as we’d like to think otherwise, it’s the kids that end up calling the shots.

The boy’s mother makes a few attempts to get the little boy to sing into the mic. When he finally does what she wants him to do, he really gets into the song!

While their singing might not stay entirely on key, these two little boys definitely have a stage presence that’s worth watching. These two love to praise Jesus on Easter, and I think they did a fantastic job at it!

So please have a safe and wonderful Easter, and keep singing, as the young boys put it, “He awose!”

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