Make Your Napkins Super Classy For The Holiday Season With The Tri-Fold Trick


The holiday dinner season is upon us, and so is the stress of setting a perfect table. For the life of me I can never remember which side of the plates my strict German aunt thinks the forks should be on and which side is for the knives and spoons.

Well, thanks to Handimania, there’s a simple, aesthetically pleasing way to avoid all that drama — the triple-pocket napkin fold. All three utensils are folded into one napkin in a nice little cutlery burrito so your aunt (or any other judgy family member) doesn’t have to interrupt Christmas dinner because she “can’t find” the dang spoon!
Of course, things get a little more complicated if your aunt wants to add your grandmother’s dessert spoons and great uncle’s butter knives into the mix, but honestly there was no way you were going to totally please her anyway.



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