Kelly Clarkson Stops Her Show To Hold A Superfan’s Baby


We’re used to seeing superstar Kelly Clarkson bringing down the house with her raw, emotion-filled singing talent. Ever since her victory on the first season of American Idol, this woman has gone on to do some pretty amazing things.

She’s performed at the President’s inauguration, she sang the national anthem at the 2012 Super Bowl, she’s been on Billboard‘s top 100 multiple times and has won three Grammy awards.

But all of those awards have never been more rewarding than motherhood. While at a recent concert she was attempting to sing “Breakaway,” when she suddenly looked down and saw a beautiful little baby boy. In the middle of the song she just had to stop singing and play with the baby.

She asked the mom for permission, and picked up the beautiful little 16-month-old baby named Boston. Clarkson’s humor in this video is apparent and amazingly endearing. As she plays with the little boy who loves music, she mentions to the audience how much she would love to have a little boy, too!

As Clarkson continues talking to the adorable little baby, the audience just loves watching the interaction. Clarkson is honestly gushing throughout this whole video, and even when she’s given the baby back we just love how much she loves this adorable little guy!

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