Motorcyclist’s Heart Jumps Seeing Kitten In Middle Of Road And Knows She Must Act Fast


It’s hard to know how you’ll react in certain situations – whether you’ll stand up and become the hero, or freeze up unsure of what to do. When a motorcyclist was stopped at the red light of a busy intersection, she surely wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen. The woman’s helmet camera was recording as she sat patiently waiting to move forward. But that’s when the unthinkable took place – and she captured it all on film.

Since the motorcyclist was in front of the line of cars, she had a full view of the intersection and all of the vehicles whizzing through. At one point a red car passes by and something seems to drop from the back. It really doesn’t look like more than a speck in the middle of the road. In fact, the motorcyclist admitted later that she thought it was just “a leaf.” However, it didn’t take long for the object to start moving and for it to become more clear what it really was…



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