These Rottweiler Facts May Teach You A Thing Or Two


It’s easy to think you know everything about your dog. Heck, people often speak to stereotypes about breeds they’ve never even interacted with. All that does is create some confusing information when it comes time to pair fur babies with their forever homes.

But that’s where Best Breed Ever steps in. Our friends over at Animalist have a video packed full of useful and little known facts about the Rottweiler (stuff that I, admittedly a fan of the breed, didn’t know myself). Oh, and in between learning a thing or two about this breed, you’ll be shown some quality footage of Rottweiler babies being adorable.

For example, while pit bulls have earned themselves that erroneous rumor about locking jaws because of how strong they are, Rottweiler’s actually take the cake for one of the strongest bites among dogs. And Rottweilers do in fact require rigid training both as pups and as adults so they can be properly socialized. But they’re incredibly loyal companions, and they’re pretty laid back with proper training. Another fun fact, per the video, is Rottweilers only have black and beige fur — there are no other variations in their coat coloring. Watch the video to learn some other neat info on these fur babies.

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