The Audience Gives Him A Standing Ovation, But His Reaction Is Absolutely PRICELESS!


He may be small, but this kid certainly knows how to get a crowd going!

You may have noticed that we here at LittleThings absolutely love little kids performing on talent shows. It takes a lot of guts to pursue a career in entertainment before you’ve even learned how to multiply, but as we’ve seen time and time again, some kids — like these tiny dancers — were just born for the stage!

Then there are other kids, the ones who haven’t exactly practiced their tiny hearts out to get to the big stage, but who still seem to have “it.” Kids like this little girl, who sounds eerily like Billie Holiday, really make me wonder if they lived past lives. The little boy in this next video has exactly that something.

When Robbie Firmin walked out for his first Britain’s Got Talent audition, you can’t even blame the judges for being stunned. The little man looks so tiny on the big stage in his suit, tie, and hat. He looks like the most adorable member of the Rat Pack.

However, when he starts singing “My Way,” it’s clear that this kid isn’t just adorable, he’s a great little performer. Frank Sinatra would have been very proud of the performance!

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