Michael Jackson Sings ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ With Britney Spears


Michael Jackson is, simply put, a legend. For pretty much his entire life, he’s been in the spotlight all over the world.

While his personal life was riddled with strife, his professional career was truly momentous. At just five years old, he joined The Jackson Five as a conga player. But, as well all know, they couldn’t contain young Michael’s charisma and raw talent, and he soon took over as lead singer of the group.

With over 100 songs to his name, Jackson’s got countless hits under his belt. Plus, everyone remembers the red leather jacket from the “Thriller” video, the white glove, and, of course, the moonwalk. He’s so ingrained in history that it’s hard to believe that his reign as the king of pop took place so recently.

In September of 2001, Michael celebrated 30 years as a solo recording artist with a two night concert. The most expensive tickets for this event cost concert-goers a whopping $5,000…but that included a dinner with the singer. Fans were willing to dish out so much cash because, well, it was Michael Jackson. Plus, there was the promise of other stars joining him on stage for the extravaganza. Basically, if you were an MJ fan, you did not want to miss out on this concert at Madison Square Garden.

When Michael steps out onto the stage for a mellowed out intro of ‘The Way You Make Me Feel,” you can just tell that he’s got something up his shiny blue sleeve…but I wasn’t expecting this!

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