These Two Siblings Have A Hilarious Dance Off. Simply Incredible


When the mother of these two children put some music on, she never expected her kids to react like this!

You can tell that this young man’s sister has a future in the dance biz. We here at SFG cannot get enough of these two dancing toddlers. did a really interesting experiment to actually test if babies dance or just rhythmically move along to an overheard beat. According to Marcel Zentner, a psychologist at the University of York in England, “Our research suggests that it is the beat rather than other features of the music, such as the melody, that produces the response in infants.”

He continued by explaining that, “We also found that the better the children were able to synchronize their movements with the music, the more they smiled.” Just more proof that music truly is good for the soul.

We can’t stop replaying this video, but how did you feel about it? Please SHARE your thoughts and feelings with us in the comment section.



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