Man Who Lost Leg In Motorcycle Accident Learns To Dance Again


The human spirit is something that never gives up. Though someone’s body may have suffered injuries, or a disease might be running rampant through them, the will to fight and the refusal to give up is one of the things that makes humans so amazing.

So when this man, who had always loved to dance, got into a tragic motorcycle accident, he was horrified to wake up in the hospital without his right leg.

Evgeny Smirnov had always dreamed of getting on television in front of his whole nation to show off his love of dancing, but after such a horrible injury, he figured his dancing days were over for good.

After he made it through the initial shock, he quickly realized that though things would be a bit different from now on, and yes, dancing was going to be a lot harder, that didn’t mean he still didn’t have the old skills he always had. That didn’t mean he couldn’t keep dancing!

So after endless hours of practice and relearning how to keep balanced on just one leg, Smirnov got himself a beautiful dancing partner and decided that he was ready for his dream to start again.

By the end of his amazing performance, the whole crowd was on their feet, including the judges. Not only did Smirnov perform an amazing dance routine, but he shared his soul with everyone that day.

Though he’ll always have to deal with challenges, he’ll always have the strength of character and sheer willpower of the human spirit to overcome those obstacles, and hopefully his story can do the same to motivate you!

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