This Dog Refuses To Use The Front Door. When You See Why, You’ll Laugh Out Loud!


All animals have their own little quirks and as any dog owner can tell you, dogs are definitely creatures of habit. Dogs do things based on routine and sometimes that means they don’t always pick up on every minute detail. Which most certainly is the case for Isabelle, an adorable Yellow Labrador Retriever who just hasn’t figured out the trick with the family’s front door!

Like any good girl, Isabelle always waits until her human opens up the front door before going outside. She doesn’t like to use her nose or paw at the door (which generally leaves for an upset human), so she opts to be a lady and wait for the OK. In this hilarious video, unbeknownst to Isabelle, there is no glass or screen window in the door frame but that doesn’t stop her from obeying the rules!

Watch as Isabelle patiently waits for her owner to open the front door, even though he walks right through it himself!! This is adorable!

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