640-Pound Teen Belts Spectacular Rendition Of ‘Amazing Grace’


According to the Saving Justin fundraising website, Justin Williamson’s aspiration to one day grace a Broadway stage could be in serious jeopardy. The 640-pound teen was recently featured on an April 2015 episode of the the television program “The Doctors” that highlighted the teen’s health concerns. Sitting on stage, Justin reveals how his weight has always acted as a hindrance to people seeking a deeper connection with him.

With his mother Julie and sister Jordan by his side, Justin describes how people’s perception of him began to change when he started singing in seventh grade. “People could see who I truly was on the inside,” he candidly admits to the audience. At the request of the host, Justin then stands in front of the crowd and shares his remarkable talent by performing a powerful rendition of “Amazing Grace.”
The roar from those who saw him live is a testament to Justin’s raw passion and natural abilities, both of which seemingly caught the attention of former “Biggest Loser” finalist Joe Ostaszewski, who accompanied Justin on stage in “The Doctors.” Ostaszewski started the Saving Justin website in an effort to help the teen on his journey to weight loss and to ultimately live out his Broadway dream.
In an additional clip from the same episode, Ostaszewski recalls how he overcame his own struggles with weight gain and how inspired he became upon meeting Justin for the first time. “I realize how smart and kind he is, and on top of it, talented as can be,” the former Florida State University coach remarks about his first impression of young Justin. In a plea to give Justin more years on this earth to share his gift, Ostaszewski declares to the audience, that “we can work together to save Justin’s life.”
An admirable goal to be sure, because as Justin puts it, “I have a voice and I need to be heard.” Adding, “I don’t want to die with the music still inside of me.” Powerful words from a teen with larger-than-life dreams.


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