Yelling at Your Children Too Much Can Cause Depression and Anxiety in Them


yelling at them constantly? Stop! Take a deep breath and slow down a little. Chill out! Science research says that yelling at your children too much can cause them to suffer from depression and anxiety and no one wants their children to suffer from these mental illnesses.

What you are supposed to do is have a conversation with them in a calm voice telling them what they did wrong, not to do it again, and what they should be doing instead. Adding a little humor to the conversation can make things better too. However, a good yell every once in awhile if one of them hits the other can shock them into not wanting to do it again.

What this means, is, you need to have a good balance of only yelling at them when it is needed and talking to them in a calm voice the rest of the time when they are in trouble. Meaning, tell them what they did wrong by talking calmly.

Not only can yelling too much cause depression and anxiety in your children but it can also cause them to expect others to yell at them, or they will think it is normal when they get older and they will do the same to their children. You don’t want that to happen, do you? If not, stop yelling so much!

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