Sharon Irving Gives Impassioned Performance Of “Glory” On ‘America’s Got Talent’


Chicago’s Sharon Irving has given some incredible performances on this season ofAmerica’s Got Talent, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to note she’s just given her best performance yet — and it’ll blow you away.

For those unfamiliar with Irving’s previous audition onAmerica’s Got Talent, the response it got from one of the panel’s judges should have been enough to indicate that the songstress was about to make waves on the performance front. Her rendition of Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” so inspired Mel B that she hit the “Golden Buzzer” — the first time the judge had ever given that coveted stamp of approval during her entire tenure on the show.

Before her previous audition, Irving recalled her late grandfather, whom she cited as part of the reason she now sings. It was his connection to the civil rights movement and activism alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., she said, that have been a source of strength to her for much of her life.

And it may be from these that she drew inspiration for her final performance on  America’s Got Talent, a cover of “Glory” by Common and John Legend from the film Selma. She doesn’t need much of an introduction for this impassioned performance — it speaks for itself.

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