Watch The Tearful Moment This Severely Burned Dog Reunites With The Vet Who Saved His Life


Prepare your tissues – here is a wonderful story for you, which will probably make you cry. The web circled a video clip of the dog Smokey who remembered his veterinarian in very touching reunion.

He saved his life in 2017 after the puppy was caught fire. Smokey got a lot of burns over his body, but at the same time he also got a great friend!

JPESC, Facebook
In an abandoned camp in West Palm Beach, Florida, firefighters found a dog that was tied to a tree during a fire, resulting in received numerous burns. Marcos Orozca was the firefighter who cut the chain around the two-year-old dog’s neck and rushed him to nearby Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center (JPESC).

The firemen named the dog Smokey, and he was taken care at the center by a veterinarian Dr. Latimer. He saved his life, and the dog was later adopted by Fire Rescue Captain Gregg Gordon.

It’s been a week since Smokey visited the veterinary clinic again for a check-up. Fireman Gregg Gordon, who took care of the puppy at the time, captured straight-forwarding scenes on his mobile phone.

When the Smokey saw his rescue doctor Latimer, he immediately ran into his embrace, happily twirling his tail. In the scenes, you will also find out how much the dog was grateful to the veterinarian.

JPESC, Youtube
But Smokey never forgot his savior! He met with him at the end of 2018, and once again he showed gratitude with many kisses and sincere joy.

Take a look at the wonderful scenes when the Smokey dog emerged in the embrace of a veterinarian Dr. Latimer. Without a doubt, the scenes are worth sharing among friends…



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