Watch This Man Lip-Sync His Heartfelt Wedding Vows To His New Bride


Every little girl dreams about her wedding day. Sometimes, the plan is already set and in place years before the groom is in the picture.

In other words, you may have your invitations, dress, and vegetarian option pre-selected, but the person you marry? They’re always a wild card.

Sometimes, the results are delightful, like this groom who shook up the wedding party by debuting an awesome, professional dance routine at the reception. Just as often, the groom comes out of left field, like this guy who shocked his unsuspecting bride into a giggle fit when he opened his mouth.

Then, of course, there’s Jared Basham. This newly-wed knew from the get-go that emotional and heartfelt vows might not really be his style, so he decided to hearken back to the early days of his relationship with bride Kyndra.

When she was deployed in the Air Force, he used to make her laugh long-distance with his terrible renditions of timely pop songs. In the spirit of that ritual, he decided to do something similarly karaoke-inspired for their big moment.

Check out his amazing (and hysterical) take on traditional wedding vows in the video below. That John Travolta impression is spot-on!

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