The Uncle Was Forced To Do This To Stop The Crying Twins. What A PRICELESS Outcome!


It’s understandable that those without kids or babysitters who are not experienced can find it rough when dealing with a crying baby. That may make one’s mind to be completely bogged. You have to posses some creativity to deal with TWO crying babies to avoid landing in landing in double.

The brave uncle over here did exactly that when dealing with adorable twins. You have to see what he did to babysit the girls. When Sarah and Addie (his baby nieces) started crying, he did what any person could have done when faced with a similar situation.

He decided to bribe the girls by giving them their very first taste of marshmallows as one of the sweet treats. I was left in stitches by what followed. The little ones stopped crying and their reaction was quite hilarious. This made the uncle gain valuable babysitting experienced that makes him ready anytime upon making his twins settle down.

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