Trooper postpones telling kids their parents died so they can enjoy Halloween


Ageorgia state trooper named Nathan Bradley is being described as having gone above and beyond the call of duty when he accepted orders to inform four children that their parents had died in a car accident. According to the NBC News video below, Donald and Crystal Howard had set out on Halloween to purchase festive makeup to complete their kids’ costumes, when they lost control of their vehicle and crashed in a ditch.

Bradley was chosen to break the news to the family at their residence. However, what Bradley found when he arrived at the family’s home made it all too difficult to tell the children Mom and Dad were gone. Bradley and another officer found the couple’s four children waiting at home in their Halloween costumes, as described by NBC News.

Instead of ruining the holiday for the kids, Bradley decided to postpone telling them about their parents until their grandmother who was in Florida had reached town. Bradley chose to take the kids out for food, movies, and candy as is documented in the following footage.

The compassion that Bradley showed the Howard kids has earned him a place in the family. The kids’ grandmother Stephanie Oliver is helping to care for the children in the wake of the devastating tragedy.



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