Man Rescues His 11-Month-Old Baby Niece From Nighttime Car Crash


Tayler Kimbrell was driving behind his sister, Destiny, when he suddenly noticed something off happening to her car. His sister’s car began to swerve from the left to the right, and even though the brake lights were gleaming bright red, the car was not slowing down — if anything, it was gaining speed.

Tyler felt helpless as he watched the car swerve left and right some more before careening off of a roadside cliff. He immediately feared the worse, for it wasn’t just his sister in the car, his 11-month-old niece, Breleigh, was also inside. He said a quick prayer, pulled over, and sprinted towards the wreckage.

Tyler instantly saw that his sister was OK, but as he attempted to pull through the intwined metal he grew more and more desperate as he realized there were no cries coming from where the baby should have been.

He turned on his smartphone for light and began to record in an attempt to use the iPhone’s screen as a mirror of sorts. He used it to search for the 11-month-old little girl, and within seconds he felt a glimmer of hope as he realized the small girl was breathing.

In the harrowing rescue footage below you’ll see how intense it really gets. Tyler, a man of considerable faith, continued praying throughout the ordeal, and even though everyone is hailing him as a hero, he continues to keep up a humble demeanor, and explains that there were other forces at work here.

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