They Told Her Not To Feed The Fox, But When She Does? So UNEXPECTED!


Loki is a beautiful red fox, but after seeing the following video, I’m wondering if this little guy is part puppy…

This cutie-pie lives at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park in Redding, California, a 300-acre safe haven for some of the many different kinds of animals found in the amazing Redwood Forest.

At this sanctuary, you aren’t really supposed to feed the animals, but Loki is one far-from-average red fox. When an animal handler feeds Loki through the gate, he doesn’t just get excited, he jumps for joy and it couldn’t be more awesome!

Many people don’t realize how high foxes can actually jump…or that they can become prettydomesticated. Even though Loki’s home is very similar to a fox’s natural habitat, this little guy acts just like a house pet!

Can you believe how hilarious and cute this fur ball is? I would love to spend some time in his neck of the woods!

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