Crow Recycles A Styrofoam Plate In Uncanny Photo Series


You’re not going to believe what this crow did. It’s just another testament of how animals can be more compassionate than humans.

However, you’d never expect that sentiment to be expressed in this way!

A crow sees  a styrofoam plate in the grass. He picks it up with his beak and flies off with it.

One might think maybe he’ll use it for a nest or simply discard it on the ground, but then he does something mind-boggling.

The crow flies with the plate in his beak and coyly puts it in the trash bin. Its might just be a coincidence that the crow dropped the plate off in the trash, but it’s still pretty cool nonetheless.

With New York City’s recent ban on styrofoam, due to its harmful affects on the environment, it’s hard not to applaud this crow for his green sensibilities!


See the photos of this street savvy crow below and SHARE if you wish you could teach every animal — including humans — to recycle!

Crow sees styrofoam plate.


Crow examines styrofoam plate.


Crow picks up styrofoam plate.


Crow puts styrofoam plate in trash bin.


Crow successfully recycles!


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