Tiny Woman With A Powerful Voice Stuns Judges And Brings Them To Their Feet


The judging team on X Factor Australia looked pretty dubious when Mary Ann Van Der Horst walked on stage and announced that she was about to sing “Halo.”

They can possibly be justified for hesitating. After all, though Mary Ann is actually in her 20s, she looks all of 16 up on stage, and “Halo” is a big song.

Trying to step into Beyoncé’s shoes is an ambitious move for anyone. For reference, here’s Queen B herself performing the same song.

But, though Mary Ann gives off the impression of youthful naiveté onstage, the judges realize pretty quickly how wrong they are. Mary Ann might be tiny, but she has a big voice.

She’s like an all-grown-up version of this little girl with the pipes of an old-fashioned jazz singer. And like that little girl, she has what it takes to bring a crowd to their feet!

“Halo,” which is all about reaching transcendence, is the perfect piece for Mary Ann’s belting voice, which definitely gives listeners a hint at the sublime. While we wouldn’t go as far as to say that she’s better than Beyonce, check out the incredible note she hits at 4:51!

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