Mom Gave the Cellphone to Her Cute BABY. The Result? It will Melt your Heart Away!


I am not really sure if it is advisable for a mom to let her child use a cellphone knowing its effects to one’s health.  But if it is the only way for the baby’s father to make a good conversation to his son, I have no objection about it.  Though baby’s way of talking is more on mumbling the words than clearly uttering the words, it mysteriously delights everyone who would hear it.  Surely, it will be an indescribable feeling to the parents.

Just like the baby in the video.  The mom gave the cellphone to her son to talk to the father.  The father was at work and could not see his son in person.  Good thing, cellphones were invented, it made the connection easier from a distance at any given time.  When the baby started talking to his father, it made everyone giggle and enjoyed that precious moment.



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