This Camel Is Reunited With His Old Friend. Now Watch The Horse’s Reaction…


I have always found it pretty mind-blowing that some people actually believe that animals don’t have souls. The proof is overwhelming — animals are a lot more like humans than we give them credit for.

When animals live with a human or other animal for a long period of time and then they’re separated, they tend to remember, just as we would. It’s almost chilling!

After several years apart, the horse in this video has reunited with an old friend, a camel who lived with him in the same stockyard for many years. Horses are such gentle, soulful creatures, so this video is not extremely shocking, but I was pleasantly surprised that the camel reacted in the same

When the horse sees his camel friend after such a long time, he reacts in the most incredible way. The horse jumps on his buddy and does something almost identical to a hug.

If this doesn’t make you believe animals have friendships just like we do, nothing will!



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