The horse and the dog grew up like puppies and are now inseparable


One of the hits on the Internet is a video in which you can see the special friendship of animals.

This time they presented the story of a little horse and a dog who met when they were puppies and became inseparable friends.

The video, posted on YouTube channel Just Live, has already become a huge hit, with over 150,000 views and reactions so far, warming the hearts of many animal lovers online.

Just Live,Youtube

Owners of dogs and horses wrote under the video that their puppies began to play together and even fell asleep when they were tired. When a horse comes with his dog, he is always happy, wags his tail, asks his owners to open the door quickly and wants to go for a walk with his unusual friend.

Watch this amazing video that tells the touching story of a dog and a little horse who become true friends. Life even writes such beautiful stories.



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