Synchronized Swimmers Stun The Judges With Unique Underwater Performance


When I saw these four women line up on the pool, I figured it would be a normal synchronized swimming performance. Nope! This is a totally new twist on the classic sport.

To the tune of the Rocky theme song, four swimmers who go by the name “Aquabatique,” get into a row. When they dive into the pool, the crowd roars.

Normally, when we watch synchronized swimmers, we get an aerial view of the beautiful patterns and shapes they create. However, Aquabatique lets the viewer see what’s going on underwater.

It’s like visiting an aquarium of stunning mermaid dancers. However, while these ladies are graceful as ballerinas, they’re athletes as well. They described this unique technique as “running while holding your breath.”

And boy, can these girls hold their breath for a while! If you love synchronized swimming you won’t want to miss this performance to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven.”

The judges of Britain’s Got Talent don’t hesitate to gawk at the elaborate performance, and by the end of their performance, the crowd is nothing short of roaring.

My favorite part comes near the end where the women merge, flip, and twist underwater. As someone who never learned to swim, I can’t help but be impressed!

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