Precious Preschooler Responds Hilariously To Her Gift


The holiday season ushers in a time of joy, reflection, and peaceful anticipation as we await the birth of our Savior and pure craziness. The to-do list is long, sleep is scarce, and the sugarplums dancing in our heads are on fast forward. It can be a whirlwind time of year, but it’s also a beautiful time and children add a magical, mystical element to the delightfulness that swirls around Christmas.

One thing kids particularly look forward to during the holiday season is ripping opening their presents on Christmas Day. One precious little girl decked out in a fur vest with a shiny pink bow perched in her curly black hair was about to receive a surprising gift. Her parents had the video camera running in anticipation of capturing her response after she opens it. As she sits in her fuzzy blue chair, she carefully begins to open the gift.

When she is asked by someone off-camera what it is, she responds with a giggle, “I don’t know.” She continues wrestling with the gift wrap trying to open the gift when she is asked again what it is. The endearing little girl finally has made enough leeway with the gift wrap that she can finally see what her big surprise is. She replies, “Soup!” As it turns out, she was given a package of ramen noodles. Then the cutie pie says something that has everyone cracking up. A response like this is difficult to ignore! Watch this adorable little girl’s reaction to receiving soup for a gift in the video below and see for yourself how funny she is. She must really enjoy ramen noodles!



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