Strangers Make Customers Cry At Check Out


A group of volunteers with the non-profit Practice Kindness headed out to the store one day with their sights set on treating three shoppers to a “random act of kindness.” They intended to pay for these people’s purchases right there in the checkout lane, then escort the customer with the packages to his or her car. All three customers captured in the video below were caught off guard and each one said “Wow,” professing their shock and gratitude. But it was the third shopper who brought everyone to tears.

The small group of kids and a few adults followed one woman through the store and when she entered the checkout line, they approached her. At first, she proclaimed “no” in disbelief when they told her just what they were up to. She began crying, fanning herself. The cashier even applauded! She told the crew that she probably was going to cry all day. She accepted their sticker and said, “This is just so sweet. I’ll never forget this.” The second woman they approached had bought Christmas presents for her grandkids and was stunned. As the kids loaded up her vehicle, she told them to “Keep practicing. It’s a fantastic thing.”

When the group tapped the third shopper on the shoulder and told him their intent, he was in shock. “Are you serious? Wow?” He instantly asked them for a hug. Then, he confessed to the volunteers that they caught him a mere 15 minutes before he was set to meet his grandchildren for the first time. In fact, he was buying Christmas gifts for the kids. The cashier simply looked on in complete shock of what was happening. As the roiling emotions of this important day and the pay it forward offer merged in the check-out lane, the man clearly became overcome with emotion. What he does next blows everyone away. See how this sweet story ends and be sure to grab a tissue.



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