Cute little angel talks to her daddy and is beyond adorable


You know why we are always excited about baby videos? Because it is always a thrill to see what these tiny humans have in store for us! You can never predict what they will do, and that is so exciting! Like this video at the top of the page, for example.

The first few milestones in a baby’s life are huge for the parents and of course, they want to capture it all on camera, for posterity. It seems like in the “old days”, when there were tapes and people had to plan carefully what they were going to record to keep or not, there were far bigger chance that you will actually capture the good stuff right on time.

Today, in the digital world, we can capture and record stuff to our heart’s content, but to little avail. Good thing we don’t have to keep those videos permanently, so we delete the stuff we do not like and try, try again.

Hearing your baby talk for the first time, even if it is just mumbo jumbo, really makes for an event. You want for them to say something since you first laid eyes on them. But words don’t come as quick as we would want them from our babies mouths; no, at first, it is the mumbling. They open their mouth with the desire to make something known, but nothing comes out other than bubbling sounds and the occasional “mama” or “dada”.

Elders will says that if the baby is very talkative , it surely is destined for a talking profession, like a lawyer or some famous journalist, and we would love to believe them, but what if something else is going on entirely? Listening to this baby girl babble to her dad, while watching him almost dead in the eye, we would love to think that she might be a protector of the law when she grows up. She has got the hand movements, the gestures, the tone of voice… but nothing she says makes any sense!

What if this baby is just a conduit for aliens who try to communicate with us?! Of course, we are joking, but this adorable video has been on the World Wide Web for years now and people keep coming back to it, it is so adorable! Be sure to share it with your friends, to brighten up their day!

We have another video in store for you! Watch as this adorable toddler argues with her kind mother. Mom warns daughter that she needs to be careful, advising the stubborn toddler that she needs to take precaution and try not to fall down and hurt herself. The toddler can’t even say real words yet but she’s trying to communicate her indignation. This cutie is talking baby and has some serious arguments to share!

The whole scenario looks perfect. The little princess is dressed in pink and stands in front of her pink toy piano. Don’t let this innocent appearance fool you. She sure knows how to throw a temper tantrum attitude at her mother and defend her babbling arguments. You wouldn’t win a verbal battle with this feisty girl!



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