Single Dad Raises Three Daughters In Single-Wide Trailer


Arnold Hernandez is a single dad who knows firsthand the challenges of raising children alone — especially on little to no means. Finding full-time work has been difficult after his messy divorce, but he is the epitome of a dedicated father who works hard every day to show his children how much he cares.

Arnold makes ends meet by working as a handyman and an animal trainer. He spends the rest of his time raising his three growing daughters, Annacristina and twins Nataly and Vanezza. The live in an old, 18-foot single-wide trailer in Ventura County, CA.

In the following video, Arnold allows cameras into his home, giving viewers a sobering look at how many families in America live. Many people may be quick to write them off, and even quicker to judge, but it’s impossible to watch this video without being touched.

Wait until you see how the Hernandez family spends their Wednesday nights…


Arnold Hernandes lives in an 18-foot single-wide trailer in Ventura County, CA. It isn’t much, but it’s enough to get him by, along with his kids.

After going through a messy divorce, Arnold was left to raise his children — Annacristina, 13, and twins Nataly and Vanezza, 11. His stepson, Tony, 20, also lives there when he isn’t attending classes at Ventura College.

Arnold is known in his community as a dedicated father who does whatever he can to put food on the table. He works as a handyman and an animal trainer, and he sells bottles and cans when he has to. The rest of his time is devoted to raising his three daughters and keeping them active, stimulated, and healthy.


A friend donated the trailer to the Hernandez family, and another friend lets Arnold park it in his yard.

Arnold sleeps on a narrow bed, just two feet across from the tiny sink and stove. Annacristina sleeps in the back of the trailer and the twins sleep together in a single bed. Everybody takes turns showering and changing in the standing-room-only bathroom.



As a trainer, Arnold doesn’t make much money in today’s world — but the interactions with dogs and horses allowed him to forge an even stronger bond with his daughters. “I used to have a quarter horse, so I learned to braid the girls’ hair with the horse’s tail,” he said.


Every Wednesday night, Arnold takes the girls to the Santa Paula church where they enjoy a hot meal. “It’s yummy! It’s awesome,” Annacristina said. “Last year, we did Thanksgiving with them. Oh, my gawd, the turkey, the potatoes, the pumpkin pie!”

Many Meals is among more than 180 outlets in the county serving hungry families and individuals.


It’s important to Arnold that he instills into his family a sense of faith and spirituality. They attend church every Sunday, along with free events and educational activities whenever possible.

“He is one of the most devoted fathers I’ve ever known,” said the Rev. Thomas Dome. “Many times, you see him walking with his children, walking with them to school or doing little field trips to the museum.”

And Arnold’s daughters care for him back — so much so that they secretly posted his profile on a free dating website, describing their dad as a “gentleman who needed someone to be strong for him.”


“I have to be the mom and dad, or I have to be the psychologist. The nurse, the doctor, all in one person.”

Arnold may not have much financial means, but this single dad proves you can be rich in spirit. If you agree, please SHARE this family’s story with your friends on Facebook!




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