Watch Nibbles The Duck Adorably Welcome His Best Friend Home


We typically think of “pets” as the normative cats or dogs — or possibly a bunny, hamster, or turtle. But we don’t often hear of a duck stepping up to the task of animal companion.

However, if you asked him, one little boy would probably tell you that his duck is just as good a pet as any old cat or dog. We first reported on Nibbles the duck a few weeks ago for an adorable video of the bird waiting for Jonny, the little boy with whom the duck as a unique bond. When Jonny opens to door to the car where his sister and mother are waiting for him, the duck immediately begins quacking lovingly and putting his adorable head out for a few assuring pats.

Now, we have yet another intimate moment between Jonny and his duck. As Jonny walks down his driveway on his way home from school, Nibbles is outside their home anxiously awaiting his favorite little boy. Jonny pauses to pet Nibbles on the head before walking down the street, Nibbles leading the way down the road.

So this should just go to show you that forever friends come in all shapes and sizes. Who’re we to determine which one’s the best fit for each family!

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