He Set Up A Camera, Then Films Garbage Man Doing THIS With His Dog… OMG!


Who says that nice people are hard to find?

Every single week, Joshua’s dog waits for one thing and one thing only: the garbage man! Here she is, patiently awaiting his arrival. The second he gets out of the truck and steps onto the grass, Dad gives the “OK” — and this pup goes charging down the lawn to greet her favorite friend. The way she rubs up against him, begging him to play with her and savoring his pets — it’s all just too adorable for me to bear! How nice of this man to take a few minutes out of his workday to bring a little joy to an animal like this — though we suspect this pooch is bringing a little joy to this man’s workday, as well! It kind of reminds of the dog who goes crazy for the ice cream man whenever he hears the truck roll down the street. LOL!

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make us so happy — and who better than our dogs to teach us that very important lesson.

Just as this pal of a pooch brings a little fun to this garbage man’s workday, we hope the pleasant pup can add a smile to yours!

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