Dad Captures His Son On Camera, And What He Does Just Made My Day.


Remember when it was all so simple?  All you had to do was keep your balance and you could discovered the big wide world all around you?   Unfortunately for this little fella, gravity is winning the battle on this day!  Lionel Hutz captured this video of his son splashing about in a puddle after weeks of rain in Northern California in December 2014.  His son wanted to play outside, and he had never been out in a rain storm – so what better way to discover something new!  His son became intoxicated by the splashing of the puddle below his feet and got dizzy – and of course, in true 21st century fashion, everything was filmed for us to enjoy!

I couldn’t help but watch this video several times, it reminded me of my own son and how he used to splash about in puddles when he was little, it was such a joy to see – I wish I had a video camera back then!

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