Puppy Thinks She’s Smaller Than She Is, Gets Stuck In Cat Tower


Dogs are very smart, but they can still manage to find themselves in some pretty hilarious situations. After one pet owner had bought a new tower for the cats to climb, their rescue dog, Eve, decided she wanted in on the action.

When the pup’s owner left the room, Eve tried to climb into the cat tower. As the two cats lounge on the top of the tower, Eve tries to squeeze herself onto one of the bottom levels to take a nap, except things didn’t go exactly as planned. The dog quickly realized she isn’t the tiny puppy she use to be. This sweet pup just wants to enjoy his evening nap — if only she could fit!

“This pup managed to get into the cat tower but couldn’t figure out how to get back out,” Eve’s owner Sharon L. wrote on YouTube.

Don’t worry. With a little help and reassurance, Eve gets herself back on solid ground. She’s doing fine but still getting use to her new forever home.

“Eve was dumped off in front of their house on Christmas Eve. She is about 10 months old now and is the most entertaining dog we’ve ever had,”

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