Adorable Monkey Gets The Full Spa Day Treatment, Is Pretty Much Euphoric


Are you in need of a pick-me-up? Perhaps an adorable animal video to put a smile on your face? Behold, a monkey who seemingly achieves nirvana simply by taking a bath.

You know that feeling of euphoria you have post-spa day when you’ve been pampered and feel like you’re floating out of the building? That’s how I imagine themonkey in the video below feels following a dip in the sink. Perched atop the edge with his ankles crossed, this guy looks sweetly up at his caretaker they spiff him up. One of the cutest moments in this video are when he’s having his hair brushed and — get this — when he starts brushing his own teeth. How much more awesome would your morning routine be if you had a this guy by your side? Clearly others agree — this video has been viewed no fewer than 15 million times.

According to information published on the Reed College website about the social behaviors of primates, grooming is an important part of both hygiene and socialization. But if you needed further evidence of monkeys who love their bath time, look no further than the sweet rescue Nalawho we posted about a while back. This all just goes to show, most primates (and admittedly, humans) love being pampered.

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