An Owner’s Neglect Left Him Without A Foot, Now He’s Free Of Pain


Very few people take into consideration the feelings of farm animals. These animals are viewed as a commodity, and the general public doesn’t ever see how they truly are treated on a daily basis. If more people knew what these animals go through so we can have a hamburger at dinnertime, we might all be more conscious of where our meat comes from and buy more ethically.

One very sad example of the painful lives these farm animals lead is Dudley. His owner bought him at an auction in order to fatten him up, with plans of selling him to a slaughterhouse for a hefty profit. Dudley was only one month old when he was abruptly separated form his mother.

Neglectful care led to twine wrapped around Dudley’s foot, cutting off all circulation. The poor cow ended up losing his whole foot. For ten months, he hobbled around on a stump in so much pain. The cold, hard ground would poke at his wound, so he hardly put any pressure on it for almost an entire year.

Luckily, Gentle Barn was able to convince the rancher to give up the young cow. Dudley was rushed to the University of Tennessee, where he would spend months in the hospital undergoing surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation with his brand new prosthetic foot.

When Dudley finally experiences nature for the first time without pain, he turns into a completely different cow. He’s sweet as can be!

Thank goodness Gentle Barn was there to take this poor baby under their wing. He could have been mercilessly killed, but he got a second chance at a happy life. He’s a testament to pushing through the hard times, because there are brighter days ahead.

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