Morbidly Obese Teen Cries For Help By Singing “Amazing Grace” On National TV


Influenced by his overweight family members, this teenager from Amarillo, Texas had been addicted to food almost all of his life and he was getting unwanted attention for all of the wrong reasons. When his weight skyrocketed to nearly 700 pounds, Justin became known as the most overweight teenager in America. That’s when he realized that he had a lot more to show the world than being a poster boy for our nation’s childhood obesity problem.

Justin knew that at the rate he was going, there was no way he would survive. After meeting former Biggest Loser contestant and Florida State University football coach Joe Ostaszewski, he was inspired to make a change…and save his life. The teen had a gift that he was too afraid to share with the world before he realized he decided to get help for his eating addiction.

“I have a voice and I need to be heard. I don’t want to die with the music still inside of me!” Justin says in the following clip from The Doctors, where he agreed to get treatment to save his life. Justin was secretly a talented and very passionate singer, who wanted to share a message of hope and inspiration for others suffering from this devastating – yet curable – disease.

When he sings “Amazing Grace,” there is no denying it’s a cry for help and redemption from the heart.

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