5-Year-Old Calls 911 To Save Dad’s Life But Her Call Is Cracking Everyone Up


Emergency call 911 dispatchers have an incredibly tough job. Spending their days (or nights) fielding frantic calls from distressed people in their worst times, they have to be quick-thinkers, efficient communicators, and above all, stay cool under pressure.

We wouldn’t blame them for feeling worn out because of their high-pressure jobs!

Recently, however, an emergency call operator, Jason Bonham, shared a phone call he received on the job that was totally unlike any other- and it has us all in hysterics!

When Bonham responded to this phone call, he immediately recognized that on the other end of the phone was a very young child. You’ll notice his patient and familiar tone:

Jason Bonham (JB): What’s wrong?

Savannah (S): Um…. my dad can’t hardly breathe…

JB: Ok, hold on a second, ok?

S: Ok.

JB: How old are you?

S: I’m 5 years old.

JB: Ok, what’s your name?

S: Savannah.

JB: Ok, Savannah, hold on. I’m getting them dispatched ok?

Of course, it wasn’t long before Savannah’s spunky, confident personality started to really come through!

S: Ok… you need to come reaaaal fast!

JB: Ok, Savannah, I have ’em on the way. Is your Daddy still awake?

S: Yeah


JB: Okay. Is your front door unlocked, Savannah?

S: Uh… [calls out] Is our front door unlocked? No.

JB: Ok, Savannah, can you go unlock that front door for me?

S: Sure.

JB: Ok.

S: Ok, I’m going to go [unclear] … [yelling] Don’t worry Dad!

Part of Bonham’s job as a dispatcher is to get a clear understanding as best he can of what kind of condition the people who are involved are in, so first responders can be well-informed. You can hear him getting more information from Savannah about the situation as first responders are still on their way. And of course, her responses are precious:

JB: Can you ask him [her dad] if this has ever happened before?

S: [Calling out] Has this ever happened? [To the dispatcher]No, so far so good. He’s still awake.

JB: Hey, ask him if he has any chest pain.

S: [Calling out] Do you have any chest pain? [To the dispatcher] Yes.

JB: Ok.

S: This is his first time.

JB: Ok. I got ’em on the way, so…

S: Ok. We’re in our jammies! And I’m in a tank top, so… I’ll have to get dressed.

JB: Ok.

S: I don’t [unclear] … what I’m gonna wear, but… he really needs oxygen, real fast. Yes, the door’s unlocked.

JB: Ok!



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