‘Miracle’ Quadruplets Born In Ohio Thanks To Surrogate Sister


For five heartbreaking years, Annie and her husband experienced the pain and frustration of infertility. Despite their many efforts, not once did Annie see a positive pregnancy test. But just when Annie was about to give up on bearing children, her older sister Chrissy offered to be their surrogate.

Instead of implanting embryos into only Chrissy, however, Annie decided on a lark to give it one more try. After all, the sisters were on the same cycle, and they wanted to increase the chances of having at least one baby. Annie was already a mother, and she wanted to do whatever she could to help her sister experience motherhood for herself.

When the pregnancy results were in, the sisters were absolutely stunned when their doctor called with a “double whammy.” Not only was Chrissy pregnant, but so was Annie — but that’s not even the most shocking part. Keep reading to find out what happened after that incredible phone call…

It took Annie and Joby Johnson five long years to welcome a child into the world. Despite their many attempts at natural conception and in vitro fertilization, Annie was just about to give up on bearing a child…


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…But that’s when her older sister, Chrissy, stepped in and offered to be the surrogate. Doctors implanted embryos in both Chrissy and Annie to increase the chances of having at least one baby.


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Then came a shocking phone call. Not only was Chrissy pregnant, but so was Annie — and both sisters were pregnant with twins! Annie was carrying the girls, and Chrissy was carrying the boys.


In 2013, the miracle quads — Charlie, Tommy, Grace and Hadley — were born to grateful parents and one very selfless, loving aunt.


It may be an unconventional birth story, but that’s precisely what makes it so incredible.


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