He Set Up A Hidden Camera In His Home. What He Saw? I’m Speechless!


Although we’re all taught to avoid a skunk at the first sight of black-and-white fur, little Fiora might be a cuddly exception. While searching for a new house pet, YouTuber Christopher Choate opted to have a skunk instead of a cat or dog. This week, he introduced the internet to his pet skunk Fiora, and she’s adorable! Choate explained his thought process when choosing the unconventional pet in a YouTube comment:

“I went through a list of about 50 exotic animalsthat I wanted to own and come to the conclusion the skunk surprisingly was on the top of the list. Low shedding, no allergenic, litter box trainable, absolutely loving animal and their the best lap pets known to man … When I found out you could take out her scent glands when she was a kit, I decided I would give them a shot.” [sic]

In the video, Fiora is a little ball of energy, running around the house and playing with her owner. At one point, she decided to get creative and start a game of hide-and-seek. She runs around the corner and into the bathroom. Her owner follows her and she is nowhere to be found. Until he opens the cabinet door…

Skunks can make good pets, but only for the right kind of owner, as they require a lot of attention; a healthy, varied diet; and plenty of supervision. They need to be spayed or neutered and have their scent glands removed. But don’t forget, in the wild, you should avoid these creatures, no matter how cute they may seem.

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