These Marines Are Celebrating The Marine Corps’ 238th Birthday With a Parody of “Thrift Shop”


These Marines really know how to have a good time! To celebrate the 238th birthday of the Marine Corps, this group of marines performed a knock-out parody of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”!

At first it seems like just a marching band will be performing, then one marine at the DJ booth gets the party started. The music skips in and you realize it’s Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop”.

Then a whole bunch of marines join in on this choreographed performance. The crowd goes crazy when the lyrics are changed up to fit into the life of a marine. Instead of bed sheets for 99 cents needing washing, it became a pilot suit that smelled like jet fuel. Awesome!

The marines reference “gunny style” instead of “your grandpa’s style”. The marines are having a blast dancing around the dance floor with a shopping cart and letting loose.

The way that these guys were able to change and create the lyrics to fit into the life of a marine seemed flawless but had to have been difficult to do. These men take pride in everything that they do.

Not only can they work hard but this shows they can play harder! Not only do our Marines protect our country but they do it with style and finesse.

With all that the marines face on a daily basis, this video shows they can really let go and have a good time that is truly well deserved.

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