My Beautiful Woman – Dedication


This is truly a story to which many of us can relate. As part of a series known as “My Beautiful Woman,” this short film from Thailand features the story of a hard-working woman and her struggle. She is the first one in the office every day, and the last one to leave it. Because of this dedication, she is granted Fridays off. One time her boss got curious, and decided to figure out her secret.

Nobody knows everything about another person. You can be someone’s boss, friend, family member, or even spouse, and still not truly know 100% of what goes on in that other person’s life. We all have secrets, and this video aims to teach that sometimes there are valid reasons for keeping them. While the boss didn’t respect her privacy, he found out what was causing her problem and found a way to help. Sometimes there is value in being more open and trusting people – because that openness and trust could lead to fewer complications in life.

WacoalThailand via YouTube



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