Man Volunteers His Time To Cuddle The Babies Of Strangers


Ken Warren is one of several volunteers at the Children’s Hospital in Milwaukee who holds the title of a “cuddler.”

This means he offers his time to hold the newborn babies of complete strangers in order to help the tots thrive. According to doctors, human touch lowers a baby’s blood pressure and heart rate, and helps them relax.

“It just gives you so much joy,” a smiling Warren told Milwaukee’s WISN 12 News. “I don’t know who gets more, the baby or me.”

Aside from helping the infants of the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU), Warren is also aiding the nurses. As we’ve seen through the incredible story of the triplets in Houston, these NICU nurses work tirelessly to make sure these babies leave the hospital as quickly as possible. With the help of people like Warren, these nurses get a break.

At the same time, Warren is also giving some much-needed support to the moms.

“It’s really comforting knowing if you can’t be here all the time that your baby is still being looked after and soothed and comforted,” said Becky Dourn, who is also a mom to two other children. “They need their snuggle time, too.”

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