It Looks Like He’s Eating Alone, But Look Closer…I’m Bawling!!


It’s never easy dining out alone, but one man has found the sweetest and most heartbreaking way to ensure he never feels lonely. Every morning since his wife died, 88-year-old George Travis has eaten breakfast at the same restaurant witha framed photo of his wife Billy Mae set atop the counter beside him.

“I bring her with me everywhere I go,” Travis told KSLA. “I never go anywhere without my precious wife.”

He and Billy Mae first met when they were set up on a blind date at a Lions Club convention many years ago. When askedwhat he misses most about his wife, he said “everything.”

“I miss being able to put my arms around her. She was a great love, and she expressed her love to me. She let me know that she was my girl,” he said.

To see more of Travis’ tearjerking love story, watch the video below. Warning: you’ll need some tissues! Please SHARE this story with everyone you know.




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