Live Naturally In These 15 Amazing Homes Built Right Into Nature. So Cool.


Are you tired of the big city life? Hey, it’s not for everybody. Not only is it expensive, but you’ll be cramped in a small place with thousands of other people. Luckily, there is a solution for you.

There are houses that exist all over the world that are energy efficient, beautiful and (best of all): secluded. These incredible houses were built right into nature. Check out these sweet houses built into the sides of mountains:



1.) Have dinner near the creek.

2.) Let’s hope there are never any big waves here.

3.) Imagine the view from here.

4.) Any house with a pool is awesome.

5.) This looks more alien-like.

6.) The grass is always greener.


7.) Why climb a mountain? I’ll just live in one.

8.) This house is soooo underground.

9.) Can’t forget that satellite TV.

10.) How do you even get here?

11.) When it snows, you can sled right from your window.

12.) Nice and shady.

13.) Better hope that foundation holds up.

14.) A whole mountain neighborhood!

15.) Slide on down to your home!


Yea, I want that. All of that. If you want to escape the big city shuffle, share this post and get back to your roots, by living in one of these awesome mountain houses.



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