Rottweiler Charges towards a Terrified Bunny, Then Things Take a Shocking Turn


Though we have seen a number of surprising friendships developments in the animal world, we can be justified to say that some animals were not meant to amicably get along with others.

There is a good reason as to why dogs terrify rabbits. Naturally, dogs are born hunters and it is an instinct which even the sweet ones have. Given that rabbits are one of their favorite prey, there is a good reason as to why rabbits should be terrified of the canines.

The unbelievable event in the clip below happened when one dog entered a yard where one rabbit lived and what followed left all speechless. The rabbit was taking some snack when the adventurous dog appeared. The moment the rabbit saw the dog, she was filled with fear and couldn’t move even a single step – though her survival was to be determined by that.

The huge dog approached the rabbit and shoved her to the ground and the worst was expected by everyone. When the rabbit was planning to escape from the eminent death. The unexpected happened…

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