Kitten Wanders Into A Zoo And Never Leaves. Why? I’m In TEARS!


Here at LittleThings, we absolutely love uplifting stories about animal adoptions…especially when it’s another animal doing the adopting!

Whenever I hear a story about a homeless, orphaned, or abandoned animal being taken in by another animal, all I can think is “why can’t more humans can’t be so compassionate?”

Maybe it’s an animal’s natural instinct to protect and care for another animal, but whatever the reason is, there’s no denying we can learn a lot from these caring creatures.

In the video below, we learn the story of Dusja, a tiny kitten who had no one to turn to and nowhere to go. Dusja had no home and no family when she wandered into the most ironic place, the Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia.

However, as you will see, everything happens for a reason, and Dusja didn’t just end up her by chance. She found herself inside the lynx habitat, where she was befriended by another feline, Linda the Lynx.


When zookeepers discovered Dusja with the Lynx, they couldn’t even be upset. What they did with her warmed my heart!

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A homeless kitten wandered through the gates of St. Petersburg, Russia’s Leningrad Zoo and joined the lynxes in their habitat.


Michael Soldatenkov

Zookeepers named the kitten Dusja and she instantly befriended Linda the lynx.


Michael Soldatenkov

The zoo’s staff decided to let the kitten stay with her adoptive mother, and they grew up the closest of friends.


Michael Soldatenkov

Even as adults, Dusja and Linda remain inseparable. Their amazing story can teach us a lot about love and acceptance!




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