Fisherman’s Catch Is Swooped By A Cunning Cat


Fishing is all about patience. Once you’ve cast your line, all you can do is wait for a bite. Sometimes that doesn’t happen right away, and you’re left wondering where all the fish have gone – but sometimes you’ll get a bite on your line immediately. Once you feel that familiar tug on the line, it’s Go Time. After you’ve hooked a fish, you drop the rod and reel to your waist. For smaller fish, you can usually just suspend it in the air and grab it by the belly.

Whatever your technique might be, no one can deny the glorious feeling of catching a fish. Whether it’s going back in the water or on your dinner plate, it’s a rewarding feeling. But what happens when you do all the hard work, reel in the fish, and get robbed of your reward? Well, the man in the clip below knows that feeling. After reeling in a little fish and bringing it close, someone comes out of nowhere and snags the fish straight off the line. He never saw it coming!
Watch it all unfold down below, and then leave us a comment letting us know your thoughts. Did you see that coming? Or were you as surprised as the fisherman? If you enjoyed the video, be sure to share it on Facebook!


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