Internet Can’t Stop Talking About Boy’s Mistake With Apple


Sometimes, we as people are stubborn in our ways and this little boy is no exception to the rule. When this inquisitive little toddler picked up a round white piece of produce, he swore it was an apple. To be honest, a white onion could be mistaken for a peeled apple if it weren’t for its pungent odor and visible layers. So when this little guy asked Mom Gesa Croonen of Germany if he could have a bite of the apple, she tried to persuade him not to.

Mom explained to him that it was an onion. But he insisted it was an apple. She replied that no, “It’s an onion!” He continued with his diatribe that it was an onion. And so it went… Finally Mom told him that if he insisted it was an apple, then he could go right ahead and eat it. The determined little guy was not about to back down. He took one big bite of his delicious and juicy apple.

Then he made the funniest face! The poor little guy realized all too late that it was indeed an onion and Mom was right. But this dude was not going to be proven wrong and back away from an argument. He persisted and kept eating his “apple.” The expressions that rolled across his face are very relatable, as the internet can’t stop talking about how they too have been in similar situations where they know they’re wrong but don’t want to admit it so they keep on playing along as though they’re still right. It’s easy to see the toddler quickly learns he’s wrong but the little fighter isn’t saying no to a challenge. Now that is one tough toddler not ready to admit he’s wrong!



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