High School Students Shock The Audience With Epic Talent Show Routine


With the annual talent show approaching, four daring high school students from Texas — Matt, Tran, Ian, and Stephen — decided to get together and come up with very special for the big night.

Ok Go is a band known for its creative, innovative, and intricately-planned music videos. The band made its viral video debut in 2007 when it premiered the video for “Here It Goes Again.” It even won the band a Grammy Award for Best Music Video! Using nothing but treadmills and highly choreographed dance moves, the band was able to pull off a piece of art that’s fun and oh-so-impressive.

As you can see, the boys from Granbury High School spared no expense and stayed true to the actual music video. At first, it seems like the kids in the audience are ready to write the performance off as dumb or silly — but it doesn’t take long for the routine to completely win everyone over. The crowd cheers and screams as the boys on stage dance on, around, and even on top of the treadmills, all while lip syncing the lyrics, and without missing a beat! Things could have easily taken a bad turn somewhere during the performance. One slip and the whole routine could have been disastrous… But nope! These guys are amazing, confident, and they sure know how to commit.

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