Hair Model Goes Bald And Finds Her Inner Beauty


Women are often praised for having full, thick, long hair. While most of us know that there isn’t any one form of beauty, we also know that those who look a little different can be ridiculed or tormented by peers. Georgia Van Cuylenburg didn’t feel beautiful for much of her life, but there was one part of her that she loved: her blond, full hair. Since she was a little girl it was what defined her, and when she was 18, she even became a successful hair model. Then one day that all changed. While showering, Georgia ran her fingers through her hair — chunks of it fell out. Georgia was going bald due to alopecia. Her heart was broken.

“People all said, ‘Don’t tell anyone. It will ruin your career. People will judge you, they will see you as sick, they won’t hire you, you’ll never work again,’” Georgia told ABC. So she listened and kept her baldness a secret. She tried painful procedures like acupuncture and ointments. When she finally gave up, it seemed a miracle. Georgia’s hair began to grow back in. It wasn’t blond, it wasn’t long, but it was hair. Then again, it began to fall out. Her heart was broken all over again.

Finally, Georgia chose to accept herself. To define herself by her inner beauty and in doing so, she found her calling. There were children all over the world going through what she did. Instead of feeling sorry for herself or trying to please bullies, she now spreads joy and acceptance.

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